Hill Brown is the first luxury home fabric brand introduced in over thirty years. It was created by Bob Appelbaum, President of Clarence House to create a collection based on timeless, traditional design to go hand in hand with the more contemporary, sometimes eccentric Clarence House collection.

The working concept and founding principle behind Hill Brown is that there is a void, or at least a hole in the market-place for high-end luxury fabrics. There is a need for groups of fabrics which work as a family of fabrics, both in scale and color and which can trace their ancestry to the great homes of England and the Continent.

The first Hill Brown collection was conceived as a group of color stories containing prints and wovens, large scale and small, all of which can work together in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and libraries. However, while these fabrics have been developed strategically and with a specific purpose in mind there has been no lessening of our commitment to luxury and style. These are luxurious and fresh interpretations of the classics, elements of which are suitable for any home.